Consumer Driven Health Plans

Week One: Selected Bibliography

Gathered Papers Week One

  1. Western Kentucky U Honors Thesis

  2. Rand Study Consumer Driven Health Plans Vulnerable Populations

  3. Choice of CDHP by Public

  4. Use of Health Plans as a Function of General Literacy

  5. Financial Burden of Consumers in Consumer Driven Health Plans

  6. Ph.D Thesis Consumer Driven Health Plans

  7. Cost and Utilization of Consumer Driven Health Plans

  8. Business Turning to Consumer Driven Health Plans as a Response to Escalating Cost


  1. Consumer Driven Health Plans Readings

  2. Consumer Directed Health Plans Slocum

Other Material

  1. NIH Reading List

  2. Vital Statistics USA

  3. World Health Statistics

  4. OECD Health Care Systems and Policy

  5. World Health Orgnaization Health Statistics 2011

US Government Documents

  1. Congressional Research Service Report About Domestic Health Spending 2006

  2. Performance and Potential of Consumer Driven Health Care Hearing Joint Congressional Economic Committee (JCEC) 2004

  3. The Next Generation of Health Information Tools for Consumers Hearing JCEC 2006

  4. HSA's and Consumer Driven Health Care: Cost Containment or Cost Shift? House Ways and Means 2008

  5. Tri -Committee Proposal for Health Care Reform, 2008

  6. Consumer Choices and Transparency in Health Care, Committee on Education and Labor, 2009

  7. Consumer Directed Health Plans: Small but Growing Enrollments Fueled by Rising Health Insurance Costs, GAO, 2006

  8. Consumer Driven Health Plans, GAO Update July 2010

Other Texts

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