Windows 10 Horror Story

This concerns my experience upgrade windows 7 to windows 10. On most machines this was not a big problem but on one machine with a non-standard configuration I had to revert twice. The second time wasted hours of my time. A description of the upgrade was as follows

First I installed Windows 7 on a system with a 3TB drive on an internal SATA port on an old MBR machine. Originally I lost about 800GB on this drive which is to be expected. Otherwise this worked fine and I happly dual booted Ubuntu on the machine. When I installed Window 10 this created a horror. I should say that on my other machines 10 was not much better than 7 but had nicer graphics and subjectively a modestly faster.

  1. First after the Windows 10 update which installed with errors in August. It did not properly recognize the partitions on the disk with a 3TB drive in my old MBR machine. I reverted the upgrade without problems. I thought that with the November update problems would be resolved so I tried again

  2. This time the installation went through but again Windows 10 was unable to read the disk with the 3TB drive on the machine. Since it could not read the drive I tried to reverted back to Windows 7 and my problems began. While nothing bothered Ubuntu , Window 7 would not boot, it simply restarted

  3. I spend a considerable amount of time with startup repairs even doing the suggested DISM ... /revertpendingoptions. Startup repairs routinely failed.

  4. Next I tried a system restore. System restore routinely failed from the restore points listed which were backup points.

  5. Finally I did a full image restore copying over the entire disk drive from my image storage. This finally worked and I did not lose much work because I backed up just prior to the update.

  6. Finally on a machine successfully installed Windows 10 the Asus Bluetooth adapter stopped working and seeing remote devices. The same adapter works fine under Unix and on a Windows 7 machine. After enough updates no doubt Microsoft will get this right. With a stable operating system they will charge top dollar.

  7. It seems Microsoft Agrees with me. Without telling support personnell or customers they pulled last Upgrade from their download page.



Microsoft is using its adopters of Windows 10 which it gives away for free to provide debugging information via the internet as error reporting is built in. The system is often substandard, crashes, has problems like the above. It will use all the information it gathers to produce a better upgrade for which it charges. Thus Microsoft is using all its unwitting customers as Guinea Pigs to test its new operating system. Its no wonder adaptation of the new system has slowed to a crawl